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47814 Bellaria Igea M. RIMINI

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Tel. +39 0541 393471

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After the end of the First World War, Ermenegildo and Silvia Calderoni bought a beautiful piece of land in the centre of Bellaria, a piece that stretched from the railway to the beach. 

My grandfather Ermenegildo transformed the two houses called «Villini Rosetti», the first one into a hotel, which is today “Hotel Imperiale”, and the second one into a private house, where my grandparents lived for long years.  

After the division among the four brothers and sisters, followed by my grandparents’ death, my father Gino and my mother Maria Luisa thought they could divide the properties between the two daughters, relying on the fact that we had gained much experience in our family hotels.

Now that the children Sara and Enrico have grown up and the husband Flavio has retired, the whole family has decided to make a dream come true: proposing a tourist facility that is as confortable as your home.